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Utah Fly Fishing Guides Meet Great People!

As a Utah fly fishing guide, I get to meet wonderful people each day of my life. Some of the people are popular in the world’s eyes and maybe some are only popular in mine. But each person I guide has been a pleasure to get to teach how to fly fish.

I enjoy getting to hear the backgrounds that have made my clients who they are today, as much as they enjoy catching fish. Often times I go to pick someone up for fishing and when I pick them up and we get talking, I see what they have accomplished in their lives, and I think: “wow, what great people I get to associate with.”

Here are some of the people that I have guided that you might know, too:

Rainy Riding & Ellen Clark
 – Click on their names to see their website.
Rainy and Ellen had such a good time out on the Provo River. They are a huge reason why fly shops are in business since they both live in Thailand where they own and manage Rainy’s Flies.  It was a pleasure to guide them both out fly fishing on the Provo River.

Rainy's Founders

Les Kretman – click on Les’s name to read his articles.
Les was a great example to me of being laid back. He enjoyed himself on the river regardless of what I was doing or anyone else. He caught a lot of fish but from the second I met him, I knew that he could care less about the fish. He had a good sense of humor and was very fun to guide fly fishing.

Mark Sandborn – click on his name to go to his website.
Getting to guide Mark and his wife was memorable.  Mark was able to stay very focus on the task at hand until he was able to succeed. While we were on the river I showed an interest in reading his Book’s and so Mark promised to send them to me.  Sure enough, two weeks later I received them in the mail:

1)  Fred Factor
2)  You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader

He even signed the front covers! What a guy, he proved to me he is living the principles he taught.

Hopefully, you’re next!

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