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Qualifiying the Best Fly Fishing Guides in Utah

Qualifying the best fly fishing guides in Utah:

Utah Pro Fly Fishing Guide Gilbert Rowley

Utah Pro Fly Fishing Guide Gilbert Rowley

Utah Pro Fly Fishing only hires the best Utah fly fishing guides, here is what we are looking for:

1) Passionate, Knowledgeable, and Professional fly fisherman.

2) Good teacher and fun to be around.

3) Dependable and Honest.

Two weeks ago, I was introduced to who is now Utah Pro Fly Fishing’s newest guide: Gilbert Rowley! We are stoked to have him join the Utah Pro Fly Fishing team. He outperforms the guide qualifications by a long shot and here’s how:

1) He is so passionate about fly fishing that he decided to go into fisheries at Utah State and had the stick to it personality to graduate last week, May 8, 2010. Congrats! With a bachelor’s degree in fisheries, you know he’s got the knowledge. He learned his professionalism on an honorable 2-year mission for the LDS church in Brazil.

2) You can see he’s a good teacher by going to his instructional fly tying website where you’ll see his gift for teaching with the form of patience and a stroke of passion. Utah Pro Fly Fishing has already tried and tested this Pro to see his teaching skills on the water, you too will be impressed!

3) With a wife and a baby boy, he has already learned to value his time and has made it to every appointment we have ever set, on-time, and ready to go.

Keep up the good work Gilbert, we’re excited to have you on the team and look forward to having you guide many people to help them catch fish while fly fishing in Utah.