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Salt Lake City Fly Fishing

Today’s Salt Lake City fishing was at its best!

Salt Lake City Fly Fishing

Howard and his two boys came out fly fishing with us today from Maryland. They were on an RV road trip passing through Salt Lake City and had looked me up online weeks prior. They stayed at the Salt Lake City KOA and I picked them up this morning at 9am.  It was an enjoyable, successful trip. We all went to some Private Waters up in Northern Utah and everyone caught plenty of fish.

The highlight of the trip was when Howard’s youngest boy Regan (only 5 years old) had one on and at the same time his other boy Quinten (only 9 years old) hooked up on a trout that launched over Regan’s fly line…we managed to get them both netted. After netting both fish, Howard landed a pig too!

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Below is an e-mail I just received from Howard, too:


Another big thank you from the McComas boys, you are good at what you do. Your fishing trip has been the one of the highest points of the trip. The boys won’t stop talking about it.  We will do you justice on TripAdvisor. Thank you again for your kindness and I wish you the best on your business venture.


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