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Alan and Cindy Goldsberry fly fishing

Talk about a fun Utah fly fishing trip! It was a pleasure to get to go out fishing with someone who has met a man who I sincerely look up to and who I believe was a true fisher – of men, Og Mandino. Alan and Cindy Goldsberry, who are also inventors of the Flat Pad, which is an android version of the iPad, are not only great entrepreneurs but also excellent fly fishers. We fished on the Middle Provo River on a half day fly fishing trip and had a great time catching fish and telling stories.

I know they had a ton of fun by looking at these pictures of them standing in the fly fishing river with their trout.

Back Camera

Back Camera

What you can’t tell from these photos is that these bright, fun, entrepreneurs helped me see the world through clearer lenses, thanks! I was grateful for this day on the water with my new friends, Alan and Cindy, who opened my eyes to a new level of awareness. Thanks!