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Park City Fly Fishing Trips

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Today, we got to take out the most fun, sweet group from Deer Valley fly fishing on the middle Provo River. They had fun, landed fish and got their hands dirty. We figured we could handle the group of five with two guides but a couple nights before, I was talking to Caroline (2nd in starting from the left) on the phone and she passed the phone to Amy (in the middle) who I told she would receive the fly to put in her new fly fishing hat. But she would have to earn it by catching her fish…they were all  a huge ball of energy, and so I knew it would be better to have three guides to handle it all, so we did. They really ended up being way low maintenance but It’s a good thing we brought three guides cause they fell in love with Clarence (especially Amy!), and she was happy she earned her fly to put in her hat! 🙂

Thanks everyone for coming, we hope to have you come back real soon!