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Fly Fishing The Lower Provo

When a father and son go out to fly fish on the Lower Provo, fish aren’t the only thing they are after.  The thrill of the hunt, adrenaline, ego and pride all lay on the line. Duke Sorensen and his boy, Dustin, took the day for what we mentioned above, but most importantly to build […]

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Fishing In Utah

Imagine yourself in the picture below, on the right side of the water, above the dead log, casting away to rising fish, BAM, Fish On! Now we’re talking….total solace! Maybe it’s because I’m a fly fishing guide or maybe it’s because I’m human. Either way, finding times for yourself and getting away from it all […]

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Hunter Shotwell Guides National Geographic Traveler Boyd Matson

Last summer, our Park City fly fishing guide Hunter Shotwell took out National Geographic Traveler Boyd Matson. Below is the article: From the December 2012/January 2013 issue of National Geographic Traveler It’s 8 a.m.—a bit late for “real” fly fishermen to be starting the day, but we’re on vacation. More to the point, we’re not real fly fishermen. […]

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Selecting a Rod to Fish for Trout in Utah

We usually get two questions that are very similar – one usually comes from an expert and one from a beginner. The question that comes from the expert will be: “Which fly rod should I bring with me when I fish for Utah trout with you?” The question that comes from the beginner will be: […]

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Utah Fishing

If you plan on fishing in Utah on the middle Provo River over the next few weeks, there are a couple things you need to know which should help improve your fishing success rate. The flows are slowly increasing and so your style of fishing should, too. I have noticed that during the winter, the fish […]

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Provo River Fly Fishing Guides

Today, it snowed big time up here in Park City, Utah…but the way spring is, it will probably melt tomorrow?! So instead of hitting the river, I decided to provide you with some knowledge and catch you up on some of the past fly fishing trips. This past month has been one of the best […]

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Fly Fishing in Utah

My dad and I fished the Middle Provo River today. It was awesome! The morning started off with fish leisurely enjoying a few midges on the surface. However, I knew the weather was ideal for a great BWO hatch (cloudy and cool). As I anticipated, the little olive mayflies to start popping soon, swinging a soft hackle […]

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The Mother Shucker

This year, a fly that was old to a great fisherman, became commercially tied for the first time this year. It soon became a familiar new fly that found it’s way into many Utah fly fisherman’s fly boxes to be used for the Buffalo Midge and BWO hatches. This fly, named “The Mother Shucker” got it’s name from the […]

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Middle Provo River Fly Fishing

Yesterday, 2/6/2013, I was out with a client and surprisingly saw a ton of fish rising at the “Bunny Farm” early in the morning from 9-10 a.m – if you get out earlier you might even see more?! My client, Gary, caught a nice 15 inch brown right as we got there on a midge […]

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