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Fun Fishing Quote

Over this past thanksgiving holiday, I was able to take a break from fly fishing in Utah and I went on cruise with my family to Cabo San Lucas. We had a blast getting to sail the open seas together.  When we were on shore I got to do a lot of snorkeling which was […]

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Things to Do in Park City Utah in the Winter

Right now, on the Provo River, we are starting to see the Provo River spawn which is making fish become more aggressive towards streamers and we are seeing the female fish breaching the water to get the eggs loose in their bellies. Seeing all of the fish activity on the water this time of year is a lot of fun. As you […]

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Provo River Fly Fishing Guides

There is nothing better than good company while catching fish on the prestigious Provo River and Utah Pro Fly Fishing delivers Professional Provo River Fly Fishing Guides. Yesterday was all about having fun, chilling, enjoying the outing, and sharing memories on the river. Our clients, Linda & Aaron came out with us and we took them […]

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Fly Fishing The Lower Provo River

This past week we had multiple great days on the Lower Provo River and had a blast catching fish during the afternoon/evening PMD hatch (happened around 3pm-6pm every day)! One day in particular stands out where we had a group of six fly fisherman head out with us that were staying up at Sundance Ski Resort. […]

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Fly Fishing Near Park City Utah

The picture above was a client we got out on the Provo River today near Park City, Utah. Nice job, Dale! He caught this nice Brown Trout on a size 14 Cased Caddis. This year has presented an incredible opportunity to do some fly fishing near Park City Utah. The Provo River, which is considered a blue […]

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Things to Do in Park City in June

If you just got to Park City and are looking for something exciting to do, fly fishing is a great option right now. The flows are low, and our clients are catching plenty of fish. We are starting to see a Yellow Sally hatch that the fish are feeding aggressively on. Soon the Provo River Green Drake Hatch will […]

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Middle Provo Flows

I had a guide trip on May 2nd with the product manager from Browning. His name is Mark and he is a local to Utah but wanted to learn more about the details of catching fish on the Provo River. It was a good day to learn since we had the flows increase dramatically from 200 […]

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Swinging Soft Hackles by Steve Harvey

There are so many things that I love about fishing “softies.” Not only is the technique flat out productive 365 days of the year, this method teaches you how to read the currents of the river as you observe your line to know where your fly is. For me, the next best thing to a […]

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Brook Trout on the Lower Provo?

Yesterday, I guided a great fly fisherman, Jason Archibald, on the Lower Provo River. It was a great day, and many fish were caught. Some big, some small. Although the fish that has the greatest story from yesterday is not the 16-inch Rainbow or the many other large Rainbow Trout that got away. The greatest […]

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