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Fly Fishing Basics

The fly fishing basics are what a beginner must learn in order to progress in the fly fishing realm. Here are the fly fishing basics for dry fly: Keep a good rhythm back and forth with the slightly tilted to the right (if your right handed) Picture a clock to your right side now when you cast […]

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About Justin Harding

I’m Justin Harding – Fly Fishing guide/owner at Utah Pro Fly Fishing. I got married May 2011 to my beautiful wife. We live in Park City, Utah and love it here! I love being a Park City fly fishing guide. I started fly fishing when I was 12 years old. I’m currently 28 (2012), and […]

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If you already are a fly fisherman, then you know the importance of quality fly fishing flies and quality fly fishing boxes. I have compiled a list of all my favorite flies to use while fishing in Utah on the Provo River. Top 5 Favorite Provo River Flies (nymphs): Split Back PMD (photo courtesy of Solitude […]

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