Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Here in Park City, Utah we love to fly fish.  Winter, spring, summer, or fall we are out on the river reeling in the fish. If you just got here or are planning on coming for a vacation,  I can tell you what to expect when you come our fishing with us. Below is all of the information for park city fly fishing guides that you need to know in order to have the best experience on your outdoor adventure.  

 You won’t be able to stop smiling from all the fun you’re having with your Park City Fly Fishing Guides.

Information for Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Our guides will make it the best experience possible rain, snow, or shine! We try to personalize each trip as much as we can to you and your group so you can make memories that will last a lifetime! We have some of the most experienced fly fishing guides in Park City, which means you will never be disappointed with your trip!

Never Fly Fished?  No worries, our Park City Fly fishing guides can teach you!

Information for Park City Fly Fishing Guides

We get people who are experts at fishing, but we also get people who have never fished before. Our guides in Park City know exactly what they are doing. We have some guides who have 25 years of fly fishing guide experience!  If you come fish with us, you will feel comfortable enough to go fly fishing on your own by the end of the trip. Our Park City fly fishing guides will start by teaching you the basics so that you get comfortable with the unique techniques that fly fishing requires.  

What kind of fish will you catch when you’re fly fishing in Park City with your guides?

Park City Fly Fishing Guides

The types of fish that you will catch on the Provo River are typically Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Rocky Mountain White fish. The picture above is one our customers with a huge brown trout that he caught this last winter. Our guides here in Park City know how to get the big ones! For more information for Park City fly fishing guides, give us a call today! We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding Park City fly fishing. 


Where you will be fishing with your Park City Fly Fishing Guide?

Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Here at Utah Pro Fly Fishing, we like to fish in the best water as close to Park City as possible. Our fly fishing guides will take you to the middle Provo River. The is just 15 minutes outside of Park City, and 5-10 minutes from fishing in Heber/Midway. The Provo River has gorgeous views and great water to fish on. This information about our Park City fly fishing guides will help you decide if fishing on the Provo sounds like a great adventure you can’t wait to go on!

Fish won’t be the only Wildlife that you will see when Fly Fishing near Park City.

Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Here’s an awesome picture that one of our guides took of 2 of our customers, one of our Park City fly fishing guides, and a Moose! This isn’t an everyday thing that you will see on the river, but there is a possibility. You could see deer, all kinds of birds, and so on and so forth. Don’ miss the opportunity to not only fly fish, but to also see a ton of other animals in their natural habitat!

Will I catch fish with my Park City Fly Fishing Guide?  No fish, no pay, no kidding!

This is our favorite motto to use. No Fish, No Pay, No Kidding! We like to make sure that our customers leave with a happy face and mind. That’s why we like to use this motto because if you by chance don’t end up catching a fish (which never really happens) we won’t make you pay! This is not a joke!  

Park City Fly Fishing Guides

What to Look for when Researching Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Something to look for when booking with a Fly Fishing guide in Park City is professionalism. Here at Utah Pro Fly Fishing we definitely have that. We are on time to picking you up/ or meeting you, and we book our trips in a timely manner. What about experience? This is HUGE when trying to book the right outfitter. Our company has been guiding since 2009 and we know all of the rivers near Park City like the back of our hands. Some of our guides that work for us have over 25 years of experience guiding! Worried about paying even if you don’t catch a fish? This is also a big area that you want to watch when booking your trip to Park City. If you don’t get what you came for then you don’t want to pay, right? No worries here with our company. Our guides will help you catch a fish, or you don’t have to pay! 

So what are you waiting for? Book now with one of our Park City Fly fishing guides now to have the time of your life out on the Provo River!  

Fish on!