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Park City Fly Fishing

Park City fly fishing consists of two major rivers. The Provo and Weber Rivers. The Provo River is divided up into three sections: The Upper Provo, The Middle Provo, and The Lower Provo. The Upper Provo starts in the High Uintas and drains into Jordanelle Reservoir (which is only 10 minutes from Park City). When it comes out of the Jordanelle Dam it is named as the “Middle Provo” as it travels through the Heber Valley. It then fills up Deer Creek Reservoir. All the water that flows out of Deer Creek Dam flows into Provo Canyon. This section is labeled as the “Lower Provo” until it reaches Utah Lake.

There is great fishing year-round due to the many hatches that happen on the rivers in Park City. A personal favorite hatch is the Green Drake Hatch on the Provo River, which usually happens during the month of July.

Another fun fact to know is what species of fish do the Provo and Weber River have? Both rivers hold both rainbow and brown trout and occasional cutthroat trout. Both rivers also have Rocky Mountain Whitefish.

The scenery on the Provo River is more picturesque than the Weber River and the Provo River gives you more of the high mountains, away from it all feel. The Weber River passes through a lot of cattle grazing fields and is closer to a major highway. Depending on where you fish, it is quite an eye and ear sore (at least to me). The Provo River does see a lot more crowds than the Weber River, so sometimes the Weber River is a good alternative, especially when you know a lot of people will be out fly fishing during particular times of year, like a holiday weekend for example.

A guide will provide a lot of value for you on the river since he is their day in and day out. He knows which holes produce fish during particular seasons of the year. A guide is keyed in on hatches, and can match them with the local fly patterns. A guide has your gear so if you’re traveling, you don’t have to bring any. Or if you’re a beginner, he will demonstrate and teach you correct techniques.

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Additional Park City Information

People started coming to Park City to mine for precious metals, such as silver, back in the middle of the 1800s. Of course, the miners found the places near Park City to catch fish, but back then fishing wasn’t just about the sport, it was about surviving.

Over 150 years later, people come to the same mining town to enjoy the same beautiful mountain background and cultural diversity. Park City now offers the luxuries of life and brings rich food, the finest lodging, blue ribbon fly fishing, and even world class skiing.

The blue ribbon fly fishing that Park City now experiences has come from The Provo River Restoration Project that started back in 1999. The project was completed in 2007 and offers the surrounding areas of Park City 12 miles of public access to fly fish the Provo River using artificial lures only. The reason it is called a blue ribbon fishery is due to the high population of fish within the river system, over 3,000 per mile.

Utah is also known for having the “Best Snow On Earth,” Park City also offers some of the best skiing in Utah. In 2002, Salt Lake City Utah held the winter Olympics. A lot of growth has gone into building Park City to be a vacation getaway and have a feeling of great community and culture.

Park City is also a very recreational city and besides the skiing and fly fishing, it also offers tremendous opportunities to golf, horseback ride, mountain bike, hike, and hunt. Park City is only a 30-minute drive from Salt Lake City.

We hope you enjoy Park City as much as we do, to us it’s home!

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