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Utah Fly Fishing

Bart fly fishing on Utah’s Provo River

Utah Fishing

When you come to the prestigious rocky mountains of Utah, you can expect to experience some great Utah fly fishing. Utah has an abundant trout population most of which is surrounded by high mountains. North to south, east to west, you’ll catch plenty of trout throughout the state. The beautiful brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout are plentiful and healthy throughout Utah.

Fish in Utah

The Bonneville Cutthroat Trout, which is Utah’s state fish, is a unique trout. It can be caught in most Utah rivers, but the cutthroat is most plentiful in the high mountain streams. The Bonneville Cutthroat has distinct beautiful orange markings under its mouth, where a human throat would be, giving it the appearance of a “cut throat.”

The Brown Trout is a beautiful, yet more aggressive, darker golden colored trout, covered with distinct red spots. Brown Trout usually come from the hatchery and thrive when released into the native rivers. Although they are not native to America, their introduction to Utah has done well and are now one of Utah’s favorite trout to catch.

The Rainbow trout is named after its horizontal rainbow covering the entire body of the trout. They are fun to catch as they will put up a great fight and often times do acrobatic jumps when caught on a fly rod.

Fly Fishing Utah

Park City fly fishing offers some of the best fishing in the state and can be found only 45 minutes away from Salt Lake City fly fishing. There is an abundance of great fishing throughout the state and within a ten-minute drive from nearly any Utah City you will find good rivers and streams to catch fish. Another popular river in Utah that is about 3 hours driving from Salt Lake City is the Green River.

Fishing in Utah

Some of the best fishing in Utah can be found on:

The Provo River
The Weber River
The Logan River
The Green River

Utah Fly Fishing with UPFF

Utah Pro Fly Fishing not only uses the best guides in the industry, but is on the water day in and day out to find where the fishing is best, so your fly fishing adventure can be a success. We provide you with the top of the line brand name fly fishing gear to use while on your Utah fly fishing trip. We provide full and half day fly fishing adventures but we are always hoping to plan a custom adventure for you as well. Contact us today — we look forward to taking you into the great outdoors for your Utah fly fishing adventure.

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