Utah Pro Fly Fishing Guides

What sets us apart?

We are full-time, professional fly fishing guides who are timely, passionate, and knowledgeable about the fly fishing sport! Our Utah fly fishing guides have spent years mastering the waters where you will catch fish. We give thorough instructions helping you feel confident as a fly fisherman. And since we look forward to you coming back and referring us to your friends, we always provide top of the line customer service. You will have great stories to share when you return home…Guaranteed.


Jerry Romney
Jerry Romney

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, and other local/secret streams.
Hometown: Park City, UT
Favorite kind of fly fishing: Dry fly. Hunting out a big fish rising and beguiling it into taking my fly and presentation over a natural one is a rewarding experience. Especially a monster fish in a small stream. I also enjoy nymphing and using streamers when the fish aren’t on the rise. I enjoy fishing near and after dark – hearing a fish explode on a dry, or feeling it slam onto my streamer in dim light, is a unique experience.
Bio and why I like guiding: My dad taught me how to fly fish when I was eight. He had a wonderful love for the sport, and passed the passion on to me. Patiently dealing with my tangles and broken rods over the years has gotten me into more and more fish on each outing. He also gave me the ability to teach others the techniques and tricks of fly fishing rivers and still waters. I love teaching others and especially love seeing them get into nice fish! Often on my client’s first or big fish, I think I may get more excited than they do. For me, guiding is all about having fun, enjoying the calmness of where you’re fishing, and sharing the experience of catching fish. It is a perfect way to get to know new friends, and show them my favorite fishing spots.
Other interests: Boarding – Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, and Skateboarding. I also love camping.
Education: Currently completing my Associate’s Degree.

Additional Info: Jerry is a true fisherman. His love for fishing is contagious, so watch out!

Ryan Stokes
Ryan Stokes

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, Logan area and other local/secret streams.
Hometown: Spanish Fork, UT
Favorite kind of fly fishing: Sight fishing – any kind of fish. I love the thrill and technical difficulty it takes to stalk and catch a fish you can see.
Bio and why I like guiding: As a young kid my dad started me fly fishing at 3 years old. My summers were spent traveling and fly fishing the western United States. I have now fly fished for 35 years and have been guiding since 1999. I have fly fished in every county in Central America and have caught 117 species of fish on a fly rod. The main reason I love guiding is because I love being outside and teaching people what I’m passionate about. Its been a life journey and I love sharing the passion.
Other interests: Spending time with my wife and two kids. Love camping and hiking with my family. I’m also involved with scouts and my church.
Education: Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah.

Additional Info: Ryan is a fun guide who believes that if a fish doesn’t have a hook in its mouth, then something is wrong!


Gilbert Rowley
Gilbert Rowley

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, Logan area and other local/secret streams.
Hometown: Monticello, UT
Favorite kind of fly fishing: All types of nymphing, but especially European styles as of lately. I love placing my flies in the underwater world, delivering counterfeit meals to hungry fish. When the golden flash of a giant brown trout rolls from the deep, I still get excited like it was my first fish!
Bio and why I like guiding: I got my first fly rod when I was 14, but it wasn’t until 2005 that fly fishing truly took over my life. Fly fishing is more than a hobby, it’s an addiction, and I love to share my passion with anyone and everyone who is interested at all. As I pass along the skills that I have acquired, friendships are formed and memories are made. What more could a fisherman want from a day’s work?!
Other interests: Fly tying, big game hunting, backpacking, basketball (GO JAZZ!), and most of all, I love spending time with my wife and two-year-old son, Andrew.
Education: B.S. in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Utah Sate University.

Additional Info: Gilbert loves to tie flies and has sold some patterns, maybe you even have one in your fly box?


Taylor Hood
20170322_184911 (1)

Guide Locations: Provo and Weber River
Hometown: Bountiful, Utah Currently located in Heber City, Utah.
Favorite Fly Fishing: Targeting rising fish with dry flies.
Bio and why I like guiding: I am a Utah native and started fly-fishing the Provo river with my father when I still had to hitch a ride on his shoulders.  Since I have been blessed to grow up in one of the greatest fly-fishing areas in the country, I now find great joy getting to share the sport with those I guide.  Its great being able to work at something I’m so passionate about.  I especially enjoy using a dry fly when the fish are rising and get that same rush just watching others hook into fish. Along with helping clients, I also love spending time on the water with friends, family, and the complete stranger I get to meet through fly fishing.
Other Interests: If I am outdoors, I am a happy camper!  I love to be on the water (or ice) doing “any-other-fishing.” If I am not fishing, you can be sure I am thinking about it. When I am not fishing or thinking about fishing, I am thinking about what hunting season is coming up. I also love backpacking and camping with family and friends,

Additional Information:  PTaylor works hard at getting clients into fish.  He is fun to talk to and has great stories about when he played baseball in the Canadian Majors In Albert Canada. Also, he’s proud to say he’s an Eagle Scout.


Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, and other local/secret streams.
Hometown: Millcreek, UT
Favorite kind of fly fishing: Dry fly and soft hackle. The next best thing to a big brown sipping your fly is to have one SLAM into a softie on the swing! I also love to stalk big rainbows on the Henry’s Fork River.
Bio and why I like guiding: I love fly fishing! I have had a deep passion for this sport for as long as I can remember. I love to see people smile and their faces light up when they catch fish on a fly rod. There is truly something magical about it. Whether it be instructing a novice or catering to the accomplished angler in search of the most incredible time of their life, my goal is to provide a great fly fishing adventure where we have fun and catch plenty of fish.
Other interests: Fly tying, camping, playing guitar, golf, and spending time with my wife and twin daughters.

Additional Info: Steve has a true respect for nature and the great outdoors. His nickname is “Softie,” when he’s your guide, make sure to ask him why.


Justin Harding

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, Logan area and other local/secret streams.
Hometown: Highland, Utah
Favorite kind of fly fishing: Picking the right dry fly at the right time is the best; Seeing a big trout gulp your fly is amazing. Nymphing (subsurface fly fishing) has also become a very enjoyable fly fishing technique now that I understand the simplicity of the underwater world. I love to fish in the winter too; nothing beats a good winter’s day of fishing as you’re surrounded by a quiet blanket of snow and the feeling of serenity.
Bio and why I like guiding: I was 12 years old when I started fly fishing. A friend of my families guided on the Provo River and he would often take me with him. I learned the skills of fishing young, and as I have developed my talent to catch fish, I now enjoy teaching others. Watching others smile as they catch their first or thousandth fish is now more rewarding than my own success. I love the relationship’s that have developed on the river with my clients. I have met wonderful people from all walks of life, all joined by the common thread of fishing! Simply put, guiding allows me to professionally share my passion and knowledge of fly fishing with others!
Other interests: Big and small game hunting, wilderness survival, backcountry skiing, fly tying, and mountain biking. In the off-season/winters, I work full time selling houses in Utah.
Education: B.A. Business-Entrepreneurship from Utah State University. Active Utah Real Estate License.

Additional Info: Justin has a true passion for teaching other to fish.

Jake Smith

Guide Locations: Weber River and Provo River
Hometown: Clinton, UT
Favorite kind of fly fishing: Sight Fishing
Bio and why I like guiding: My passion for fly fishing started when I was young, spending all my free time in the Uinta’s fishing the small stream’s and lake’s. When a friend of mine took me fishing to Idaho I knew I had found what I wanted to pursue…fly fishing. I love traveling the western states, chasing a variety of species of fish, from trout to warm water. I love the sport, the areas it takes me to and the people I get to meet along the way. I work hard to get my clients on fish so they have a great experience and have fun too.
Other interests: floating/fishing from his drift boat, fly tying, camping and hanging with his family.

Additional Info: You should check out Jake’s fly box – this guy knows how to tie some sweet looking bugs!


Larry Tullis
Larry Tullis

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, and other Utah streams and lakes. Previously guided: Alaska, Chile, Idaho, Montana, PA/NY and the Green River in Utah and Wyoming.
Hometown: Pleasant Grove, UT
Favorite kind of fly fishing: I like all types of fly fishing but consider nymph fishing to be the most versatile and productive method on most days in local rivers. I love it when fish look for dry flies, emergers, and streamers, too. I love Tenkara fishing when the situation calls for delicate presentations.
Bio and why I like guiding: I am a veteran professional fly fisherman with lots of experience from Kamchatka to Patagonia but still consider the Provo River my hallowed home waters. I have guided anglers 25+ years in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, NY/PA, Alaska, and Chile plus worked in several fishing pro shops. I have 6 books and over 100 articles published and do speaking engagements/shows across the country. I am a consultant for various outdoor products, lodges, and design companies and sells state-of-the-art inflatable fishing boats for North Fork Outdoors. I design flies for Rainy’s Flies. Even though I have been at it a long time, I always get excited by fishing and taking people out and trying to teach them to fish as I would in a situation. Makes me feel young again when a plan comes together!
Other interests: Writing, Photography, Illustration, Adventure travel, Watercraft of all types, Woodworking, Camping, Backpacking, etc.
Education: Self-styled degree in fly fishing.

Additional Info: Larry has a true passion for fly fishing that knows no bounds and he’s travelled the world to enjoy the fly fishing sport. He has so much experience and we’re grateful to have him as part of our team.


Morgan Nowels
Utah Fly Fishing Guide – Morgan Nowels

Guide Locations: Provo River, Weber River, and other local/secret streams
Hometown: Newman Lake, WA
Favorite kind of fly fishing: I love sight fishing. There is nothing like making the perfect cast and watching in anticipation as the fish inhales your fly. I also love fly fishing in the backcountry and spending time exploring remote waters. Exploration is one of the best parts of fly fishing.
Bio and why I like guiding: I began fly fishing when I was 14 years old. My dad took me to the stream he began fly fishing on in Western Montana, where I was fortunate enough to catch some pretty stupid fish on a gas station-bought Adams dry fly. Since that day, I have spent all of my free time studying fly fishing and exploring waters all across the West; mainly the Idaho Panhandle, Montana, and Utah. I love guiding because it gives me the opportunity to share my passion with others. I love that for my job I get to take people to beautiful places to have fun! To me, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone having a great day out on the water and being there to share it with them.
Other interests: Hanging out with my wife and dog. Rock climbing, fly tying, backpacking/hiking, skiing, bird hunting, and anything else outside.
Education: B.S. in Accountancy from Brigham Young University

Additional Info: Morgan has a magnetic personality that makes him fun to be around.  As with any great teacher, his main goal is to see his client succeed.


Lane McKellar

Guide Locations:  Weber River and Provo River.
Hometown: Sedalia, CO
Favorite kind of fly fishing: I like all types of fly fishing but consider nymph fishing to be the most versatile and productive method on most days in local rivers. I love it when fish look for dry flies, emergers, and streamers, too. I love Tenkara fishing when the situation calls for delicate presentations.
Bio and why I like guiding: My first time fly fishing was at age 10, using my dad’s fly rod combo. By age 12, I was hooked and asked to be mentored by anyone who would teach me. Fly fishing quickly became about solace, escape, relationships, and catching beautiful fish in awe-inspiring settings. I enjoy teaching others and continuing to create relationships with clients in those settings.
Other interests: Exploring all that the Mountain West has to offer. I love adventures where I can teach my family to respect and love the great outdoors. I also have a real passion for training my duck hunting dog, Lily.
Education: B.S. in Business Information Systems from Utah Sate University

Additional Info: Lane is patient and fun to be around. He is passionate about helping others as can be seen by starting up the Utah chapter of Project Healing Waters.